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What Do Women Want? Here Are the True Secrets Behind What Women Actually Want From a Man

Men would love to know the answer to this question. Just like women want to know what make men tick and what they desire in women, men too would love to know what women look for in men and what they want in a relationship. The following will give you an insight into a woman’s desires.

Women want men they can rely on

No matter how strong a woman is or how confident, she will always want a man who is stronger. This is because she wants to look up to him. Very few women want to dominate their men. This does not mean they need to be dominated but they do want to see self confidence in their man.

Women look for self sufficiency

No matter how secure a woman really is, if she is going to get into a relationship with a man she is going to find out if he is self sufficient. No woman really looks forward to supporting her man. It is usually the other way round! She needs to know that he is in a position to look after her!

A woman usually wants honesty in a relationship

Women hate to be cheated upon just as men hate women who are not faithful. If a man is honest and truthful then she is at rest. Being able to trust someone you care for is always a priority with most women.

A woman loves a man who is ready for commitment

Most women have a fear that the man she is dating will not be ready for commitment. A man who is unafraid of commitment is very precious to her. Commitment to her is a way of saying “I love you” and meaning it.

Women like to be pampered

What woman can resist pampering? A man who can pamper her and make her feel on top of the world is one who will have her love. Women need to be complimented and told how much they are needed.

Women need respect

A man who treats a woman like dirt or a doormat will never keep her! Women need to be treated with respect no matter what. She always needs her partner to give her the time and space she needs. No woman can endure bullying or complete domination for long.

Women want men with a sense of humor

A man who can make her laugh and bring a bring ray of sunshine into any situation is what a woman is looking for. No woman likes a dour and grumpy man.

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