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Perendev Magnet Motor By Mike Brady – Could You Generate Your Own Electricity With It?

The Perendev magnet motor by Mike Brady, an Australian inventor, caught the world by surprise when he demonstrated an apparent working model in 2004. What happened since? Are there commercial models available? Can you even make your own and start to generate your own electricity? Get the full story in this article.

What Is The Perendev Magnet Motor?

The Perendev is an example of magnetic motor technology as demonstrated by its inventor, Mike Brady. In 2003, he created a video in Johannesburg, South Africa, showcasing its abilities.

The motor was allegedly powered by one inch diameter and length neodymium magnets in an offset-rotor/stator configuration. Most magnetic motor designs have unique differences and the Perendev motor is no different.

What Happened Since The Video Was Made?

Even magnetic motor enthusiasts were skeptical of the video because there was no walkaround featured in the video. Any good video should show this as a means of demonstrating that there is not a real motor elsewhere that is secretly powering the device. Whether Brady’s motor works for sure is not known.

Brady looked to have commercial deals in place and was expected to deliver a number of ordered units to German customers. However, he was arrested and extradited in 2010 from Switzerland to Germany on charges of embezzlement.

I have no idea if Brady is innocent or not. But I sincerely hope that he is because otherwise he will have done a great disservice to those who support and use magnetic motor technology and want to get it into the mainstream.

Does The Technology Work And Could You Generate Your Own Electricity With It?

Brady and other magnetic motor pioneers are mostly engaged in creating large-scale commercial or industrial devices. That is why their models are all slightly different and bulky and take years to develop. Though Brady’s device is shrouded in controversy, there are many other pioneers who have created working devices without such trouble from the law.

If all you need is a domestic model that is capable of delivering all the energy needs of your home then you can easily create your own magnetic motor starting today. Within a few days you can generate up to 7 kilowatts of electricity which is more than enough for most home’s needs.

The best way to do this is to invest a nominal amount (around 50 dollars) in a good, solid and reliable set of instructional plans. These are tried and tested methods of creating a domestic device and will save you years of scratching your head to get an up and running device. Do not confuse the controversy of Brady’s device with real, working devices – they are quite different. Do not let one controversy prevent you from using this technology for yourself.

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