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Writing Style and Formality

Writing style comprises four characteristics: Formality Language complexity Objectivity, and Information depth. The purpose you are trying to accomplish, the readers’ needs, your relationship with the reader, and the type of document affect the style in which you write. Style is a strategy for effective writing, not a goal. In …

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Of Love and Sundry Matters

Love is a much maligned word. From a narrow perspective love is a feeling of one sex towards another. but that is a very narrow definition of love, since it only defines one of the traditional definitions of love, viz erotic love, which is akin to lust, filial love that …

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Ways to Find the Perfect Accident Lawyer

There are numerous lawyers in UK and while many of these lawyers are good, some of these lawyers are not worth hiring. In order to ensure that you get maximum compensation the best thing to do is to hire a competent accident lawyer. This article will provide information on some …

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