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Churchless Christianity: A Move of God?

There’s another “move of God” that’s sweeping the nations. Have you noticed? Very few of those I’ve spoken with actually have. There are others who don’t necessarily view it as being a literal “movement” because it’s not quite as defined as they like. Not to mention those who don’t particularly …

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FREE -90% of the Secrets you Need!

This often comes as a bit of a surprise to many people. Many people find it unrealistic. 90% of the education that you need is out there for free. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you 12 sources of training for your success that will not cost you a single dime! …

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How To Teach Fitness Classes In Schools

The government has issued new PE objectives to schools indicating that they must increase their structured PE during school time to every child by 2010. They also have to provide an additional 2 hours of out of school PE by 2014. By using real life case studies from successful instructors …

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Why Women Put Up with Abuse

Why do women, especially in America, put up with the outrage of physical, sexual, and verbal abuse? One main reason is absolute obedience to the messages of childhood, when they were first maltreated. They blame themselves for the abuse and therefore truly believe they deserve no better, a new author …

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