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Article Marketing – Timeless vs. Time-Sensitive Information!

Timeless Articles:

Timeless articles take up the bulk of all articles posted online from authors. Timeless articles don’t have a reference to time, they don’t depend on current events, nor do they go “obsolete” over time.

Writing articles that are timeless is a better solution for authors trying to make a living writing articles. The reason I say this is because, timeless articles will get re-printed within many websites over time. There is no limit as to the amount of webmaster’s who add your articles over and over again. You might have an article that was written over 3 years ago, but if you marketed your article properly in the beginning, webmasters could still be adding your article to their site even to this day.

In-fact, I have a set of articles that I discontinued due to poor quality, and I still find more and more websites adding these god awful articles. I actually find it quite funny, and very sad at the same time. For one, it shows that not a lot of website owners read the articles they post within their website, and second, I can’t stop the train from rolling along with, or without my help.

Here’s Some Samples of Timeless Article Titles:

  • How to submit articles
  • How to write articles
  • Hiring the right copywriter
  • Top 10 article directories world wide

Get the drift? These topics discuss information that people will want to read for years to come.

Time-Sensitive Articles:

Time-sensitive articles usually come as some form of news. Time-sensitive articles can be in the form of; world news, government elections, business press releases, lawsuits, etc. Time-sensitive articles are meant to be fresh, and unique content that no-one has. If you’re trying to make a living at writing articles by submitting them online, try not to write time-sensitive articles for every article that you write. Time-sensitive articles aren’t always passed along by webmasters like timeless articles are. They highly depend on the market, the industry, or the nature of the content.

I try to write around 1 time-sensitive article per 10 articles I write. This not only helps to show that for the most part I know what I’m talking about (timeless), and it also shows that I have what it takes to stay on top of the industry (time-sensitive).

Is One Better Than The Other?

YES & NO For Both!

Time-Sensitive Articles:

Pro’s. A well written time-sensitive article that gets posted just at the right time, can be picked up by the biggest, and most popular news websites, or even news publications world wide in a matter of days. There is a downside though, until your name is extremely well known, and until you make the right contacts, your time-sensitive articles may never get the exposure they deserve.

Con’s. It may take a great deal of time before just one of your time-sensitive articles make it big. This outweighs the effort vs. reward ratio. You will have to spend a great deal of time researching, writing, and submitting before one of your articles goes big.

Timeless Articles:

Pro’s. These types of articles keep going, and going, and going. Once you create a timeless article and submit it online to article directories, you can now forget about the article and reap the rewards that it will generate. After time, many people world wide will re-produce your article over, and over again. Timeless articles help to produce residual income that last’s.

Con’s. Unlike time-sensitive articles, timeless articles usually don’t get the attraction time-sensitive articles tend to get. The reason for this is because, timeless articles usually come a dime a dozen. There are typically many people who write about the same things. Some are better than others which generate more traffic for the better author, but in the end, they are both saying approximately the same thing.

A General Rule To Follow:

If you write a great deal of articles, or want to start writing, make sure to cover the basics in order to get recognized as an industry professional before you start trying to introduce yourself as an industry expert offering up-to-date industry news. If I were you, I would stick to writing one time-sensitive article to every 10-20 articles that you write. This way, you’ll have a backbone of articles that don’t depend on the industry, the weather, or whatever tends to affect us right now.

Don’t Post A Date Within Your Copyright Notice!!!

As an article directory owner, I see dates being used time, and time again within the author bio section. This is a HUGE mistake. When people read online, they are looking for the most recent articles, not something that might be outdated. If a visitors sees that your article was written in 1989, they might not take it too seriously.

  • DO: “© Copyright – All Rights Reserved, YOUR NAME…”
  • DON’T: “© 2006 Copyright – All Rights Reserved, YOUR NAME…”

Visitors, and webmasters sometimes look for a time-stamp within an article in order to avoid outdated articles all together. Publishers don’t want to reprint outdated, and over used material. They too want fresh material. Giving publishers a date indicator might hurt your chances of getting your articles reprinted for years to come.

In Conclusion:

Mix up your writing game. Write timeless articles to establish yourself as an industry expert. Once you’ve established yourself, write 1 time-sensitive article to every 10 articles you write. Don’t forget NOT to post the date within your author bio section, time-stamping could have a negative effect on the success of your articles all around!

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