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Chaysing Memories Book 2 by Jalpa Williby, A Book Review

The characters have developed some, especially Tess with her maturity. Her graceful step up and Chayse's virility connect so strongly that they seep into your psyche and mesh for quite some time. I found myself thinking about the story long after it ended, and since there is one more sequel, …

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Great Moral Value in "PS I Love You" Movie

Death can suddenly comes to life of people and make their life also suddenly stop for a while when their beloved one is taken by the death. The movie entitled P.S. I Love You shows us that even though our beloved one meets the death, he would join us through …

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Yoga and Love – Part I

Tales of love surround us. Popular songs, amorous movies, romance novels, grocery-store tabloids-all sell “love.” Yet do these starry-eyed dramas rife with reckless and chaotic emotions truly portray its ways? Passion and possessiveness, jealousy and infatuation – can these be love? Don’t these actually reduce the expansive love of the …

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